Facing redundancy?
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If your employer has told you that you are to be made redundant it is important that you seek independent legal advice. Often this will be paid for by your employer.

Your employer must have followed the correct procedure prior to making you redundant and if this has not been the case then you may be entitled to increased compensation.

We understand that this is a difficult time for you that’s why our employment lawyers will respond promptly and sympathetically to your enquiry. We will listen to the circumstances of your redundancy to ensure the correct procedure has been followed and review the terms of the Settlement Agreement that you employer will have given to you.

We will assess whether the redundancy terms you have been offered are reasonable and if appropriate we will negotiate with your employer, on your behalf, to get an increased settlement and more favourable terms.

So if you have been told you are being made redundant call 01895 256151 or email info@bird-lovibond.co.uk.


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